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About Us

The M Institute for the Arts, Inc. (M4Arts) is dedicated to promoting the arts; it seeks to further the appreciation, attendance, education, and performance of the arts to enrich our community. We believe that the arts are an integral part of the well-being of our community and that by promoting the arts we are improving society as a whole. We also recognize the impact the arts have on creating a better understanding and communication between various cultures. Though we are dedicated to promoting all art forms, we strive to focus our efforts on those areas that are most in need of our assistance. For information on our current projects, please visit the Projects page. To request our assistance or participation, please contact us about

Thank you for your contribution!


Board of Directors


Susanna Barasch

Sabrina Jawer

Tzvetan Konstantinov

Andrea Toivakka

Nina Yeh


Executive Committee

Susanna Barasch

President, CEO


Sabrina Jawer, Chair

Development Advisory Committee


Tzvetan Konstantinov, Co-Chair

Nina Yeh, Co-Chair

Artistic Advisory Committee


Andrea Toivakka, Chair

Marketing Advisory Committee






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