Welcome to our rates and policies information page. We offer private lesson plans to suit each student, from children and adults looking to achieve professional skill levels to hobbyists to professional musicians looking to come in occasionally for performance preparations and technical touch-ups. Please let us know if you have any additional questions by emailing us!


Susanna Barasch, Director

Lesson rates start at $39.95 for beginner children.  We have several pricing plans to accommodate the individual needs of our clients.  


The price of a lesson depends upon several factors:

  1. length of lesson - beginner children should start with 30 minute lessons and beginners 10 years of age or older should start with 45 minute lessons.  Lessons are also available for 60 minutes or more.

  2. proficiency level of student - You are matched with Beginner level instructors, Associate (intermediate) level instructors, or Master (advanced) level instructors according to your proficiency.  More advanced students require instructors with higher qualifications and experience.  Our instructors set their own rates.

  3. frequency of lessons (weekly, biweekly, occasional) - Students achieve the most rapid progress with frequent lessons and practice, and more frequent lessons are less expensive.

You may purchase your lessons as either single lessons, 4-lesson packages, or with semester enrollment.


Appointments and bookings for lessons and events may be cancelled up to 36 hours before start time.  Cancellations within 36 hours of start time or no-shows are charged for the lesson or event.


Billing Errors and Disputes

As a first step, you should contact us directly to resolve errors and disputes.  We always try to treat people fairly, and most often we can resolve disputes.  Our payments processor charges us a fee for chargebacks.  Chargeback costs and administrative fees will be recovered from you to the extent provided by law and our payment processor agreement.

Payment Plan Early Termination

Early termination of payment plans is not permitted.

Lesson Credits Expire

You must use drop-in lesson credits within 8 weeks of purchase and semester lesson credits before the end of the semester or the value of the credits will be lost.  No extensions or refunds for unused credits.

All Sales Final

No Returns

We do not charge Sales Tax

All charges subject to a 4% facility fee

Prices subject to change without notice

These are sometimes referred to as "drop-in" lessons.  You purchase lesson credits which are used to schedule the lessons.


Single Lessons - these are individual lessons that you schedule as you wish.  You have no further commitment to continue lessons. You select the lesson day and time from those which your instructor may have available.  You may purchase one or several lesson credits at once and schedule them in advance. Single lessons are flexible but also more expensive. They are not recommended for students who wish to consistently improve.

Package of Lessons - Save $20 - available as a package of 4 lessons which must be completed within 8 weeks of the purchase date.  The price per lesson is $5 less than that of single lessons, and you pay for the package when you purchase it online.  You may schedule each lesson in the package either individually or all at once. By scheduling in advance, you are usually able to get better lesson times.  The package plan is best for those who have unpredictable schedules or who cannot attend regular weekly lessons. The package offers flexible scheduling with a price discount, but not regular lesson times, priority for the best times, or the free or discounted services for semester students.  When possible, those who wish to progress at the best rate should enroll in our semesters.

In summary, drop-in single lessons and packages are selected and paid for online before lessons are scheduled.  

Weekly Semester Lessons - Save up to $90 or more - Our semester is a structured learning program designed to foster rapid progress through the discipline of weekly lessons and a goal-oriented curriculum.  Your education is extended with the opportunity to attend any scheduled workshops, studio or master classes at reduced cost, and the semester recital for free. The price per lesson is $5 less than that of single lessons, and many additional events are free or discounted.  Weekly Semester lessons are available for all ages, beginner through advanced. To get the most out of the semester, a certain level of student commitment is necessary.

There are 3 semesters each year, each of which consists of 12-18 weeks depending upon the season.  Semesters usually begin in January, June, and September of each year. You may be able to join a semester late and pay for only those weeks that remain.  Semester students receive scheduling priority.  Lessons are usually scheduled for the entire semester at the time of enrollment so you get a predictable time schedule and the best times for your lesson each week.

You enroll in a semester and get current pricing by contacting Stephen at  You pay for the semester either all at once, or with a monthly payment plan.  Here are some benefits of enrolling in our semester program:

  • semester students have priority for the best regular lesson times

  • priced lower than single lessons

  • extra weeks built in for missed weeks for holidays or personal time

  • group studio/masterclasses/workshops free or discounted for semester students (regular price $50) 

  • additional group classes, courses and events usually available at reduced rates

  • optional student participation in the semester recital is free (regular price $100) and adds a performance dimension to your education.  Invite your family and friends.

  • 50% discount for membership in our practice area (optional) - click here for details


Semester enrollment and payment plan selection is accomplished by emailing Stephen at

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