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M Institute for the Arts

Studio Artist Chamber Trio

Rolling Admissions


"M Institute is a tiny gem in the heart of a big city... There is a totally unique ambience, blending elements and atmosphere from the old world style conservatory with a contemporary twist... This boutique arts institute will enjoy a great future!" -Thomas Pandolfi, Pianist

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About Lessons


DC Metro Area

Community lessons are offered at a
location set by teacher and student

Young Artist Lessons and Rehearsals are in Cleveland Park and New York, NY

String instrument lessons, including cello, double-bass, violin, viola, and guitar are available for beginners to advanced professionals in all styles. We offer private lessons and group lessons in Georgetown as well as masterclasses, studio classes, and special events. Our students have gone on to attend top conservatories, win competitions, and become successful professional musicians regionally and internationally.


  • We have designated faculty levels to make sure no matter your level or age, you will be with the right kind of teacher at an appropriate price point. 

    • Young Artists: Great for beginners. These faculty members are also students of our Master Faculty and are eager to share their knowledge. Periodic meetings with a Master Faculty member is encouraged.

    • Master Artists: Advanced and Professionals. These artists have international careers and are in-demand world-wide as performers and teachers.

How Lessons Work

Community lessons are for all levels and ages and are hobbyist or recreational style lessons. They're built for maximum learning and also maximum flexibility and enjoyment.


Any advanced students seeking a pre-professional training program should view our Young Artist Program.

Lessons are given anywhere you and your instructor decide is most convenient for you both. Online, in-home, or at your teacher's studio are all possible locations.

To book a lesson, you will reach out directly to your instructor and arrange a time and place for your lessons.


Recitals are offered 1-2 times per year.


"I think it is the best art school in the area. The instructors are really helpful for the students. They also offer many free classes to introduce the students with some theoretical background information which is very helpful. They are very serious about what they are doing and they have a plan, which makes them stand out. I had recommended this school to my friends who are interested in art. Definitely Five Star!"


—  Cathy, M4Arts Student

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