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Glen Dike

Regular Rate:

$45 per hour



Member Rate:

$40.50 per hour


Elizabeth, New Jersey

Special Pricing:

Not at this time.

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Glen Dike received his Masters degree in Jazz Studies, Music Theory and Composition from the Jazz Institute of Berlin, as well as specialization certificate programs taken over the course of his 25 year teaching career. Mr. Dike works with students of all ages both beginner and advanced as well as enjoys incorporating fun games and activities into lessons.

Mr. Dike has taught different styles of guitar from country, rock, classic and Jazz, as well as music theory and harmony concepts, rhythm, picking, strumming, arpeggio, improvisation, song structure, reading music notation, music symbols, song form, songwriting and music history.

Mr. Dike's specialty is to break down complex terminologies associated with music theory in a
simplified manner and implement them in a very practical way.

"My students will have fun learning their instrument and will see results quickly that will greatly enhance their musicality."

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