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Little Notes
This is a private or group class for children ages 2-5. Kids will learn musical basics to prepare them for private study in a fun, supportive environment. It's a great option for musically curious and talented children who are preparing for future instrument study. Kids will learn musical basics to prepare them for private study in a fun, supportive environment. Kids will participate in rhythmic games, learn about different instruments and the sounds they make, basic music theory, and some basic piano skills. Exposure to varies musical genres, types of music, and composers will be emphasized. The series will prepare your child for future or concurrent private study as well as expand their view of music to spark their own individual musical interests.
What is the right age to start your child with music lessons?


Music is like learning a language; the earlier you start your child learning music, the easier and more fluent he/she will be later in life. It is very common to start talented young musicians with private instrument lessons as soon as 4 years of age. Little notes can be started much younger as it is a more informal introduction to music than private instruction. It can also be taken in conjunction with private studies.

Voice Lessons are the exception and should generally be started later in life, at the consultation of the teacher (generally after puberty). Serious classical, operatic training should only be done at or after the age of 15 for women and 20 for men, but can vary depending upon the maturity of the voice.

Interest in music and the instrument being studied is a very important element to monitor to ensure your child builds a rewarding, productive, and long-term relationship with his/her instrument. Your child's interest may grow and/or change over time; it could also expand over multiple instruments and even into theory and composition. Exposure to different instruments and styles of music is very important to allow for the opportunity for these interests to spark. At the same time, over-exposure to too many instruments at once, such as enrolling a child in 5 different instrument classes at the same time, can be overwhelming. Learning an instrument is difficult and requires significant amounts of focus and practice time, ranging from 1-5 hours per day depending on the skill level. Study in more than two instruments at a time is not suggested and a focus on one is best. Quality not quantity will take your child further in his/her musical journey.

If you're still not sure if your child is ready, it may be helpful to sign up for a placement session with a member of our Faculty.