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Classical & Musical Theater

Classical and Musical Theater voice lessons in Georgetown are available for beginners to advanced professionals. Classical voice lessons require dedication and a lot of vocal and mental endurance. For those pursuing Musical Theater we highly recommend studying classical technique, which is the foundation for musical theater technique. In fact, it was derived straight out of Bel Canto singing. Theater conservatories will require classical training and nearly all successful musical theater singers have this background. Participation in monthly studio classes are encouraged.

Classical voice lessons are not recommended for young singers under 13-15 years of age, depending (learn more). We offer a specialized curriculum with a trained classical instructor to safely help your child grow vocally and musically until his/her voice is mature enough for more intensive classical voice lessons.

A high level of knowledge of music notation, styes, performance practice, languages, diction, interpretation, and performance skills are needed and will be incorporated into lessons as needed. Sixty minute lessons are encouraged. Less time is typically not enough and more time is not safe for the voice. Basic piano skills are also encouraged to supplement classical lessons.

We offer private language classes online in conjunction with professional language teachers. Please inquire if you are interested in supplementing lessons with language studies.


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