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M Institute for the Arts

Master Artist ~ Chopin Etudes (M4Arts Music Salon)

Rolling Admissions

Piano Lessons

"M Institute is a tiny gem in the heart of a big city... There is a totally unique ambience, blending elements and atmosphere from the old world style conservatory with a contemporary twist... This boutique arts institute will enjoy a great future!" -Thomas Pandolfi, Pianist

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About Piano Lessons

Classical, Jazz, Contemporary

Dupont Circle


In-home (case-by-case)

Piano lessons are available for beginners to advanced professionals in all styles. We offer private piano lessons and group lessons in Dupont as well as masterclasses, studio classes, piano labs, and special events. Our lessons help build techniques to encourage relaxed playing. Our students have gone on to attend top conservatories, win competitions, and become successful professional pianists regionally and internationally.

Please note we have different tiers of piano faculty who specialize in different genres and levels and also offer different pricing for each tier. Please read more below.

We're Different...


  • We have designated faculty levels to make sure no matter your level or age, you will be with the right kind of teacher at an appropriate price point. 

    • Assistant Artists: Great for beginners. These faculty members are usually students of our highest faculty level or pupils of similar instructors and are working toward a degree in music or are a recent graduate. 

    • Associate Artists: Serious beginners through intermediate. These teachers have degrees and experience in the industry.

    • Studio Artists: Serious intermediates to advanced students. These artists have established careers and studios.

    • Master Artists: Advanced and Professionals. These artists have international careers and are in-demand world-wide as performers and teachers.

  • We attract a very distinguished list of faculty members because we not only a conservatory but also an artist management organization. That means many of our faculty members are active performers and are in the business. You will find instructors who range from entry-level performers to world-renowned performers with decades in the the industry to retired musicians who now devote their lives to teaching.


No matter your level, we want to see you advance as quickly as you are able and comfortable. Our proven curriculum is designed to do just that and was modeled after the curriculum you will find at major conservatories such as Juilliard, MSM, and Curtis.

Here are the elements of the M Curriculum:

*Please note, enrolling in this curriculum is optional. Recreational lessons are also available. 

  • Semesters: Enrolling in weekly lessons for 17 weeks at a time, monthly masterclasses, recitals, optional group classes, and community performances.

  • Juries: Juries are optional. Sitting for a jury involves presenting a collection of performance pieces in front of a small panel and completing a series of aural and written exams to obtain a grade.

  • Certificates: Completing certain requirements to obtain certificates, ribbons, and designations. Please note we are not accredited. Working towards certificates is optional.

  • Masterclasses: With one masterclass each month, our students get great exposure to many experts in the industry.

  • Recitals: We offer two large recitals and three smaller honors recitals per year.

  TEXT ONLY at 202-810-5053


  • INSTRUMENTS: We believe in providing quality instruments and an inviting atmosphere. Almost all of our rooms house high-quality acoustic baby grand or upright pianos, including makers Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin, and Kawai. Pianos are tuned three times per year.

  • PRACTICE ROOMS: We offer an entire floor of practice rooms with unlimited usage for a monthly fee.

  • STEINWAY ROOM: The Steinway room houses a historic Steinway O and seats 25 people. It is used most often for masterclasses, music salons, seminars, and recording sessions.


"I think it is the best art school in that area. The instructors are really helpful for the students. They also offer a lot free classes to introduce the students with some theoretical background information which is very helpful. They are very serious about what they are doing and they have a plan, which makes them stand out. I had recommended this school to my friends who are interested in art. Definitely Five Star!"


—  Cathy, M4Arts Student

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