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At M Institute we are rooted in a passion for both tradition and innovation, reverence for the oral traditions and process for achievement, and a deep devotion to our craft and to each other. Our students are full of possibility and potential for growth as artists and members of the artistic community at-large: They are passionate, imaginative, and dedicated. This community of talented and welcoming individuals fearlessly works for art, unified by the belief that music can heal and lift the soul, open hearts and minds, and change the world for the better.

Susanna Barasch

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Christine (Pianist)

"Mr. Pandolfi is the most innovative and progressive piano instructor I have ever had. He has an incredible ability to synthesize the performance world to the pedagogical world.


Kelsey (Soprano)

Lessons at the M Institute have far exceeded my expectations, both in terms of my own progress but also the opportunities to perform.


Stephanie (Soprano)

I was so impressed by the lineup of incredible singers [...] I have appreciated the school's willingness to experiment and find ways to work around the current issues raised by the pandemic. It has been a real Godsend to have access to these opportunities.

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