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M4Arts helps DC's Central Union Mission adopt several donated instruments!

In its mission to grow and sustain a strong artistic community in DC, M4Arts leverages its talented people, community network, and online presence to attract musical instrument donations. Donated instruments are then distributed to, and adopted by, deserving recipients through proactive outreach and creative delivery methods. The M4Arts piano donation and adoption program enables quality instruments to find their way into homes of aspiring musicians and music lovers who may not have the means to obtain instruction or an instrument suitable for their needs.

The program recently enabled M4Arts to provide DC's Central Union Mission – the District’s oldest social service agency – with several quality pianos for use in its community service, family, and ministry programs. These instruments will be used to promote music education and performance in several locations, including the Mission's new Ministry Resource Center (MRC) and its retreat and conference center in Potomac, MD. Additionally, the Mission has invited M4Arts faculty and students to perform musical programs and conduct related educational seminars at its new MRC once it is operational.

The instrument placements represent the first initiative in an ongoing partnership between M4Arts and Central Union Mission to enrich the lives of those served by the Mission through arts appreciation.

Interested in receiving or donating an instrument? Email us!

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