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M Institute Unvails New Membership Platform

Since our founding in 2015, M Institute has been leading and re-working the music community at every turn. The M emerges from the pandemic a leader in virtual pandemic offerings and revolutionizing the way music schools, students, and teachers work together.

During the pandemic, it was imperative to public health that we do everything we could to keep the number of people in our building to a minimum. As such, most students and teachers began meeting not at our headquarters, but at the teachers' private home studio, private studio space, the student's home, or online. And as it turns out, not all change is bad change; everyone really liked this! In September of 2021, we closed our brick-and-mortar in favor of continuing to work with teachers more directly with their own private teaching spaces.

In November of 2021, we began slowly rolling out our new membership platform and by the end of summer of 2022, all students and teachers are on track to be fully rolled over into their respective membership.

We are proud to announce that our switch to this membership platform has resulted in significantly lower lesson prices for all students, significantly higher income and overall satisfaction to our amazing teachers who have been through so much the past two years, less administrative red tape for everyone, and a significantly broader reach for the M.

If you are a current student interested in transitioning into a student membership, please text 202-952-2202 with your name and teacher. Your lesson prices will fall dramatically as soon as you transfer over.

If you are a brand new student, you are not only getting the best teachers in the DMV, you are getting them at the lowest price possible, at a 10% discount off their studio's best rate. Finding your next teacher through us has amazing benefits. To get your membership, click here.

If you are a returning student, please text us at 202-952-2202 with your name and your former teacher so we can go over all the changes with you.

Read more about our Student Membership here.

Teachers interested in joining our Provider Network, please click here.

We appreciate your patience and your productive feedback as we navigate these new waters.


Susanna Barasch

Chief Executive Soprano

M Institute for the Arts

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