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Faculty Network

Join our network of  top music teachers and studios

How It Works


We look for new qualified providers on a rolling basis. Apply anytime and if you're a good fit for us, we will contact you as soon as a spot opens in our membership.

Receive Students

Once your profile is approved, students are referred to you directly. You set your rate, schedule, and policies and handle all scheduling and billing directly with students.

Build Your Studio

Since you're keeping 100% of your billed revenue, it's easy to build your professional studio and brand with us.

Why teach with the M?

The students are YOURS

Provider members are fully independent teachers and are not employed by the M. We send you the student directly, the student is 100% yours, and you handle the rest!

Be your own boss

You set your own pricing, policies, schedule, days off, and curriculum.

Make more money

Since you are setting your price and keeping 100% of your billed revenue, you'll earn far more than at a conventional school.

Be part of a community

At your option, you may encourage students to attend our recitals, classes, and events. You are also welcome to host your own.

Join a distinguished roster

Unlike platforms that let anyone make a listing, the M carefully selects its network. If your profile is accepted, your name will sit among a carefully curated teacher roster of the only the best, most knowledgeable teachers.

Simplify your lessons

Eliminate driving to different schools to teach, using different schools' softwares, and waiting to get paid.

Susie Yun
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