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Lamine Hamdad Pop-Up Art Show

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Sunday, August 20th

1pm - 5pm at M Institute for the Arts

We can’t wait to host Lamine Hamdad for our first Art Pop-Up this Sunday! Lamine is a true modern-day renaissance man with expertise in web development, computer programming, fine art and photography. Although he works as a full time web developer and database system engineer, he’s also an artist and photographer on the side.

As a fine art illustrator, Lamine focuses on the human figure and face. You can tell he’s skilled by just observing the detail and precision in his illustrations. However, it’s Lamine’s sketching-style which makes his work stand-out. The delicacy, fluidity and energy of his lines make his drawings romantic and full of life.

If you like strolling through Georgetown, enjoy viewing art, or just like mimosas, stop by at the M Institute for the Arts this Sunday from 1 to 5pm. You will also have the opportunity to personally meet and ask Lamine Hamdad about his art.

The M Institute for the Arts hopes to showcase more artists and make the Sunday Art Pop-Up a weekly occurrence.

If you know of any artists that could benefit from our pop-up, please contact us! We thank you for your support. Look forward to seeing you there!

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