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Founded in 2015, we are a boutique music conservatory  and charitable nonprofit located in Dupont, Washington, DC, dedicated to promoting the arts; we seek to further the appreciation, attendance, education, and performance of the arts to enrich our community. We're here taking the immense resources available in Washington and bringing them together into a comprehensive, usable resource to help grow and sustain a strong artistic community in DC; we're working to unite the musical community, organize the great artistic resources available and attract/provide additional resources in order to make them accessible to our community. We are honored to work with those who joined and contribute every day to this cause. The M Institute for the Arts (M4Arts) is now one of the foremost resources for high-quality classical music, education, and rehearsal space in the DC metro area. We are growing quickly, so keep checking back for updates. If you are in search of a particular resources that you do no currently see offered, please email us your request! We're here to help as much as we can and love new ideas.



Voice, Cello, Double bass, Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Viola, Violin, Composition & More

We offer high-quality music lessons with knowledgeable and experienced music teachers. All our music teachers are professional musicians with at least a Bachelors in their field. Some are full-time teachers while others are full-time performers who wish to share their knowledge of music as much as they can. We teach to all ages, levels, and types of music; our specialties are in the classical and jazz genres. Due to the level of faculty we offer, we are well suited for a particular kind of student. We accept all levels and ages of students as well as both hobbyists to professionals but our students are dedicated to their studies, come for lessons regularly, and practice daily to see the amazing process their hand work pays off from lesson to lesson. Our students all have one thing in common... they are here to learn. 

We offer a range of complimentary classes and events. Some are open to the public and others are free for members and/or students. Our most popular class is our Free Introduction to Reading Music Series (Notation 1). This adult-focused class is three parts and teaches students how to read music from scratch. To learn more about this series, please visit the enrollments section.



Membership for the use of our practice rooms and studio instruments for practice, rehearsal, and recording is available. We are well-suited for un-amplified, acoustical music, especially classical instrument, voice, and small ensemble. With a limited amount of these luxury practice rooms and availability for booking, non-students should make an application to use the space before booking online. Only approved members may book online.

Member benefits may include:

  • Practice Room Booking

  • Discounted Package Rates

  • Piano (digital/acoustic baby grand)

  • Studio Instruments

  • Sheet Music Library

  • Coffee Bar

  • Internet/Wifi

  • 11x17 Copier

  • Audition Notifications (optional)

Practice Rooms, Library, Studio Instruments, & More


We offer significant scholarships to talented musicians. Current scholarships and grants are focused on education, training, and membership. If you looking for the type of education we offer but are not able to cover the cost on your own, please apply for a scholarship or grant. We also offer the ability to volunteer for discounted tuition. We believe access to high-quality music education for those who will appreciate it the most should not be limited by finances.

In need musicians, organizations, and children looking to learn on an instrument but cannot afford the purchase of an instrument are encouraged to apply for an instrument donation. Recipients have ranged from talented, in-need children to organizations like the Duke Ellington School of Music. If you're interested in donating or receiving an instrument, we want to hear from you!


Book our musicians for your event! We are a resource for private, public, and cultural events in our nation's capitol and world-wide. Our musicians are highly rated professionals with significant performance experience. Whatever your event need is, we hope to facilitate your ability to provide musicians at your upcoming event.

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