Apply to participate in our monthly masterclass series. Hosts include our own artists as well as guest teachers from around the world. Participants are welcome from outside studios as well as our own students.



A masterclass is a group class in which each participant receives a short lesson, in front of the group and often audience members, with the host of the masterclass, who is an expert in his/her field. The benefit is to expose students to as much meaningful feedback as possible from as many masters in their craft as possible.  Spectators also receive the benefit of watching and listening to the feedback, thus gaining knowledge and perspectives on the instrument. Everyone is learning from each other. Additionally, masterclasses can serve as a wonderful way to polish off performance and audition repertoire before officially presenting it.


Applications are open to the public.M4Arts students and non-students will need a faculty recommendation. 


Different levels of instructors for different level masterclasses are offered from the early intermediate level through advanced professionals. Beginners are encouraged to watch intermediate & higher masterclasses. 


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