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As a boutique community music school, we offer high-quality music lessons with knowledgeable and experienced music teachers. All our music teachers are professional musicians with at least a Bachelors in their field. Some are full-time teachers while others are full-time performers who wish to share their knowledge of music as much as they can. We teach to all ages, levels, and types of music; our specialties are in the classical and jazz genres. Due to the level of faculty we offer, we are well suited for a particular kind of student. We accept all levels and ages of students as well as both hobbyists to professionals but our students are dedicated to their studies, come for lessons regularly, and practice daily to see the amazing process their hand work pays off from lesson to lesson. Our students all have one thing in common... they are here to learn.

Our semester program sets us apart from the others as a music school. Participation is optional and includes a rigorous curriculum for those who are seeking more formal, goal-oriented training. Semesters include performances each month followed by at least one final jury or performance. Please click here to learn more about semesters. We offer a range of complimentary classes and events. Some are open to the public and others are free for members and/or students. Our most popular class is our Free Introduction to Reading Music Series (Notation 1). This adult-focused class is three parts and teaches students how to read music from scratch. To learn more about this series, please visit the enrollments section.


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