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Guitar Lessons for Children & Teens

Guitar/Ukelele instruction for children ages 2 & above is available.

Children 5 & Under (Little Notes)

These beginner guitar lessons are designed for the very young musician. They are offered as private lessons or group lessons. You may choose an instrumental focus, such as guitar/ukelele, or a general music appreciation class. If you are an organization looking to offer these classes in your program, please contact us!

Children 5 & Up


Children without prior musical or guitar training are encouraged to skip a placement session. Private guitar instruction is recommended at this age in addition to, but not in place of, group classes and ensembles as your child advances.


​​Advanced child guitarists are encouraged to sign up for private lessons, ensembles, and ABRSM classes.


Guitar is a very popular instrument for kids and teenagers. Getting to the point of actually making music can be faster on the guitar than on other instruments, capturing kids attention easily. It also offers the basis in an instrument that has much of the songwriting over the past decades written for it, so the repertoire is easily accessible. Like with the piano, we often get questions about a child's hand size in relation to the guitar. This is not an issue as there are many guitar companies that make smaller guitars for smaller hands and kids. It is also absolutely fine to begin learning with a Ukulele Hand size will not be an issue with a properly sized instrument. You might consider renting these instruments if you are concerned your child may quickly out-grow the guitar sizes.

Beginning with weekly lessons of 30 minutes or more is encouraged.

If your child is under the age of 5, you may consider beginning with Little Notes classes (What is this?) first. If you're unsure, simply schedule a placement session! (Click here to schedule)

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