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Bravo to the Russian Chamber Arts Society's, "Russians in Paris"

The M Institute for the Arts sincerely enjoyed the Russian Chamber Art's Society's, "Russians in Paris" recital on May 28th, 2017! It was one of the best art song presentations I have seen in some time and a tribute to the Russian contribution to the art song repertoire. I particularly enjoyed the theme of "Russians in Paris" giving acknowledgement of the great intersection of the arts between the two countries. To see them presented together was an unexpected but wonderful way to spend a Friday evening.

The evening began with Russian-Israeli bass, Denis Sedov, who immediately captivated the audience with his command of not just the voice, but the interpretation of song. A highlight was Mr. Sedov's performance of “Aleko’s Cavatina” from Sergei Rachmaninoff's, Aleko. The program then continued with soprano, Jennifer Casey Cabot, whose soaring high notes left everyone wanting more! Ms. Cabot sang “The Nightingale’s Aria” from Igor Stravinsky’s opera of The Nightingale, “Natasha’s Aria” from Prokofiev’s War and Peace, "The Jewel Song" from Charles Gounod's opera, Faust, and various other Russian and French works.

Thank you very much to Vera Danchenko-Stern, the society's artistic director, for hosting us and sharing this beautiful Russian music with us. We are looking forward to seeing more of the Russian Chamber Arts Society's recitals in the future!


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