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Guitar Lessons for Adults

Adult & teen voice lessons are available in a private, group, or ensemble.

Beginner Adults

Beginner adult guitarists are encouraged to take our Practical Musicianship Preparation class (FREE!) in conjunction with either private guitar instruction and/or group guitar classes (when offered).

Advanced Adults

Advanced adult guitarists are encouraged to sign up for private guitar lessons and guitar ensembles. Ensembles are arranged by your teacher. Participating ensembles may be showcased in local performances and outreach opportunities. Students are also encouraged to monitor our bulletin for performance and auditions opportunities!


Guitar is a wonderful instrument to pick up at any age. It is a portable, apartment-friendly instrument with the versatility to be used as a solo instrument, accompaniment for the voice, and as part of a larger ensemble such as a band. It also has the advantage of being the instrument of choice for much of popular music over the last 50 years. This instrument crosses cultural boarders like few others as the basis of such genres as Spanish Flamenco, Blues, and Rock & Roll. Offering lessons in all these genres in one place, students come to us to explore these various genres in ways that is not available at other studios in a positive, collaborative community.

Learning the guitar also has the benefit of having a low initial instrument cost compared to many other string instruments and a relatively high level of reward from just a few guitar lessons, as many popular songs are built off just a couple simple chords.

Can't I just teach myself the Guitar?

No matter what, you are always your most important teacher. An instructor can give you the tools to improve, but it is only you who can teach yourself to implement these tools. As we said, there is a relatively high level of reward from just a few guitar lessons, as many popular songs are built off just a couple simple chords. Because of this, many people thing they don't need lessons, or don't need many or frequent guitar lessons. This couldn't be further from the truth, as the guitar is highly sophisticated instrument, requiring high levels of mental & physical virtuosity that only lessons with a knowledgeable instructor and regular practice will let you master. Especially for beginners, lessons are ALWAYS a good idea in ADDITION to teaching yourself, using books, videos, the Internet, and other resources. Trying to each yourself will only help you get more out of your lessons and improve faster. If you are currently teaching yourself, that is great news! Lessons will greatly increase your success and speed up the process not to mention making the whole learning process easier and more enjoyable. If you're still on the fence about whether to take guitar lessons or only teach yourself, our best advice before deciding is to try at least one lesson with a knowledgeable instructor and see the value for yourself before deciding.

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