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Practical Musicianship ~ Preparation (Free)

Our Free Preparation to Practical Musicianship a series of free group music classes is designed for the beginner musician, those looking to re-learn or sharpen their skills, or those musicians who have learned their instrument(s) by ear and are looking a more formal introduction to music. After this series, you should feel confident in taking continuing to Practical Musicianship 1 in addition to private instruction in any instrument and more advanced group and/or theory classes, whether they be with us or at a university. The series is entirely free with your $50 deposit to reserve, returned upon completion of the series and the return of your loaned book.


Practical Musicianship (Preparation)

Learn How to Read Music

Free (includes materials)

If you are interested in learning any instrument and don't know where to start, this is the right class for you. This 60 min group beginner music class will teach you to read music. Learning to read music is crucial for singers, composers, songwriters, pianists, and any aspiring instrumentalist. It is also useful for those taking college-level theory classes where it is necessary to know how to read music. After this 4 week long course, you will be able to read and write music with confidence.

Unit 1.1 ~ The Staff, Clefs, Notes

Unit 1.2 ~ Rhythm

Unit 1.3 ~ Pitch

Unit 1.4 ~ More Musical Terms & Symbols

"I just really would like to thank you for making the music theory classes available. I can't believe the weeks went that fast and I am really feeling excited about continuing to learn more and maybe picking up an instrument. The instruction was very good and I was engaged the entire time."

-Brian R.

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